Dappled Dance


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Experience the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s seasonal shifts on that next vacation. Natural hidden treasures and historic architectural sites await exploration in this Sierra Nevada region. After a day of sightseeing, visitors can stop by the Marcus Ashley Gallery to view the Rolinda Stotts art. The artist is known for her keen eye for detail and extraordinary perceptivity. She works on a unique fractured medium that she measures and makes by hand. At first glance, her paintings appear as if taken directly from the ceilings and walls of Italian monuments.

Dappled Dance features bright oil paints, intriguing textures, and a blend of soft and defined lines. Aspen trees curve and stretch, forming thick canopies of amber-hued leaves. Stotts crowns the trees with dappled-like foliage, slightly out of focus like in a hazy photograph. Citrusy tones of orange and yellow fill the canvas with renewed energy and life.

Stotts embraces beauty in all its forms and inspires audiences to identify that very beauty within them. Dappled Dance will elevate the aesthetic of any room with its positive energy.