Dancing Poppies


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery houses collections by a unique clientele of local, national, and international artists. From post-impressionism and abstract to magic realism and still-life paintings, there’s something for everyone at the gallery. We are honored to curate Rolinda Stotts art, which has garnered praise, appreciation, and a loyal following of ardent collectors. Her original paintings stray from the conventional, revealing a heartfelt and joyful representation of life. Come by the gallery or visit us online to view and buy her inimitable works.

Carpeted fields of blood-red poppies are a common sight in the village of Castelluccio, the pastures of Siena and Tuscany, and the valley of Val d’Orcia. The pretty flowers are a common enough scene in Italy, a place Stotts holds close to her heart. The gorgeous blooms spring to life in Dancing Poppies. Limestone countryside villas—their red thatched roofs merging with the poppies—sit pretty in the distance. Stotts paints the field with a mix of in and out-of-focus blooms to create depth and space. Bright blues and mellow greens capture the subtle grandeur of this Italian paradise.

Dancing Poppies comes to life across a crackled canvas that imitates the time-preserved essence of Italian murals. Our staff will be happy to help buyers interested in sourcing pieces by Stotts.