Athena’s Joy


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The art of emerging and established artists sits proudly on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Their work is a testament to art’s power and enduring beauty. The gallery is excited to curate the Rolinda Stotts art as part of its growing collections. She has developed a remarkable and inspirational painting style as a contemporary artist, and her Orchid Stories series is a collection of creative ideas born from the touching stories of the people around her.

For this piece, Stotts says, “My favorite gift to give is an orchid that has plenty of buds waiting to open, bringing the thrill and joy of expanding beauty.” She adds how “Athena’s Joy brings the best of fully open petals and baby buds. Her blossoms will never fade and fall, and the best part, she doesn’t even need to be watered. Giving the gift of an orchid started my journey off with Orchid Stories.”

Athena’s Joy reveals a majestic orchid that captures the artist’s representation of the passage of time. Rich and muted colors breathe life into the delicate form of the potted plant. Athena’s Joy is a marvelous painting to view from the corner of any room.