Remember Where You Came From


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Introducing “Remember Where You Came From” by Ray Goodluck, an extraordinary acrylic on canvas original art piece that beautifully captures the spirit of the wolf in a mesmerizing array of vibrant colors.

In this captivating artwork, Ray Goodluck skillfully portrays the majestic wolf, symbolizing the primal connection to our roots and the importance of remembering our origins. The piece serves as a powerful reminder to stay grounded and connected to the essence of who we are.

The artist’s masterful use of acrylic paints brings the wolf to life, infusing it with an energetic and expressive presence. Through bold brushstrokes and a vivid color palette, the artwork exudes a sense of vitality and dynamism, evoking a feeling of awe and admiration for these magnificent creatures.

“Remember Where You Came From” is a visual feast for the eyes, with its diverse range of bright and captivating hues. The colors intertwine harmoniously, creating a visual symphony that embodies the vitality and diversity of nature.

This acrylic on canvas original art piece by Ray Goodluck is a testament to the artist’s skillful craftsmanship and ability to evoke emotion through his work. It serves as a stunning centerpiece that will undoubtedly ignite conversations and captivate viewers with its vibrant imagery and profound message.