Gathering of Nations


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Introducing “Gathering of Nations” by Ray Goodluck, an exquisite acrylic on canvas original art piece that captures the essence of unity and vibrant energy. This magnificent artwork portrays a captivating scene that invites viewers into a world of harmony and diversity.

The backdrop of “Gathering of Nations” showcases a mesmerizing blend of green, blue, and purple hues, evoking a sense of tranquility and enchantment. The artist’s masterful brushstrokes create a dynamic fusion of colors, illuminating the canvas with a breathtaking ambiance.

At the heart of this captivating composition, six majestic horses come together, gracefully galloping across a lush grassy field. Each horse radiates its own unique palette of vibrant colors, symbolizing the diverse cultures and nations converging in a spirit of unity. Their vibrant coats seem to dance across the canvas, echoing the energy and excitement of a collective gathering.

Ray Goodluck’s attention to detail is evident in every stroke, as he skillfully captures the movement, strength, and elegance of each horse. The composition exudes a sense of power and freedom, inviting viewers to appreciate the majesty of these magnificent creatures and embrace the idea of cultural harmony.