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” The stage we set in all our lives,
To be majestic our pleasure derives.

And through the years , we play a song,
From young to old, a life so long.

We start off small with no repercussion
Banging our drums with melodic percussion.

But our wastes refine as time grows on,
Knowing our morals and ethics are strong.

And as we get older, we sound the trumpet.
Sharing our knowledge as we reach the summit.

This song we play can appear a fury
To a rougher world who is our Jury.

We learn to be brave, strong and stand tall.
But in truth our inner child conducts it all.”

Paul Lotz

“Micetro” is an enchanting bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that whimsically captures the harmony of music and nature. This piece artfully depicts a giraffe as the conductor of an orchestra, with a variety of animals playing instruments perched along its neck and back, each one intricately detailed and full of character.

At the pinnacle, a monkey trumpeter takes the lead, blowing his horn with enthusiasm, while a lioness cellist, a raccoon with a flute, and a mouse with a violin find their place along the giraffe’s back, contributing to the symphony. A tiny conductor mouse, confidently wielding a baton, is situated perfectly on the giraffe’s knee, accentuating the title “Micetro” – a play on words combining ‘maestro’ with ‘mouse’.

Lotz’s sculpture is a testament to his skill in capturing motion and emotion in bronze, as seen in the lively expressions and the naturalistic poses of the animals. The giraffe’s gentle eyes and the texture of its skin are rendered with precision, while the gleam of the instruments adds a touch of realism.

“Micetro” by Paul Lotz is a celebration of creativity, a symphony in bronze, that would delight any collector who appreciates the fusion of art, music, and the animal kingdom. This sculpture is a tribute to the imaginative spirit and the joy that music brings to life.