• From: Belarus
  • Style: Surreal
  • Media: Oil on Canvas
  • Art Value: $850 and up

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Meet artist Oleg Tchoubakov, born in 1969 in Belarus. Oleg studied at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (BSAA). After his graduation from the Academy in 1995 Oleg quickly gained notoriety. His very first show was the esteemed “White Festival” at The Palace of Arts in Minsk, Belarus. During the last 20 years Oleg has consistently been exhibiting throughout Europe with great success! Oleg desires his work to celebrate freedom. In his childhood he experienced what life is like living in a restrictive communist country. As a young artist he became inspired by the sketches and diaries of Leonardo da Vinci. As his work matured, Oleg found that the bicycle and other symbols have a universal appeal to humanity’s need for freedom and independence. It represents the ability to go at any time wherever we want. Oleg found that through using the symbolism of drawing and painting his own love of bicycles, that it was possible for him to travel in his dreams. As a lifelong admirer of the romantic era of the first bicycles, Oleg often paints unicycles. Surrealistically the spokes of a bicycle wheel makes Oleg think of the sun’s rays revealing endless horizons. His subjects riding the bicycles wear beautifully dresses taking us to the era of first aviators, steam engines and even visionaries of space conquest. In all of his paintings Oleg always sends an invitation to be free to experience life’s adventures and to fulfill our dreams.