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“My mission is to share the love for wildlife by bringing the beauty of nature and life into peoples’ homes.” – Miri Rozenvain

Miri Rozenvain art is an evocative body of work that novice and seasoned buyers are thrilled to add to their collections. The artist’s work is a fascinating display of color, depth, texture, and technique. Nature and wildlife often take center stage through Miri’s work, highlighting the beauty of the great outdoors.

The artist captures the mighty and commanding presence of an American bald eagle in Above All. Miri mixes sand and natural stones in paint before it is smeared, spilled, and dripped on canvas to give it a raw, tactile finish. The eagle’s expansive wings slice through a sky injected with vibrant hues juxta positioned with a greyish black wash. This painting’s composition exudes a powerful, earthy energy that is quintessential to Miri’s art.

The grainy, uneven surface tempts viewers to reach out and gently touch the surface. Unexpected textures and vivid hues reveal a deeply moving piece of an avian beauty once on the verge of extinction.

Above All will effortlessly transform an upscale hotel, designer boutique, restaurant, lodge, or living room with a striking aesthetic.