Michelangelo’s Bacchus


The Bacchus sculpture was created between 1496 to 1497. Along with the Pieta, this is one of the only two sculptures from Michelangelo’s first period in Rome that still survive today. The original statue depicts Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, and is more than life-size. It was originally commissioned to stand in the garden of Cardinal Raffaele Riario. He intended to showcase it amidst his collection of classical sculptures. However, it was rejected by Cardinal Riario, and by 1506 made its way to the collection of Jacopo Galli. Galli, as friend to Michelangelo and banker to both him and the Cardinal, hosted the statue in his own garden near the Palazzo della Cancelleria. Eventually, it was relocated to Florence for the Medici family in 1572.

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