Kindest Pal


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Art comes alive in different forms at the Marcus Ashley Gallery, where every turn reveals a stunning piece to admire. Collectors, artists, and art appreciators will be blown away by the Michael Rozenvain art on display. His paintings carry a brilliant perspective of animals, the plant kingdom, and everyday people. His most notable works involve vivid hues and dramatic landscapes. However, in his newer pieces, he experiments with subdued yet stimulating compositions in monochrome hues. Visitors will immensely enjoy exploring Michael’s original work at the gallery.

The artist often relies on a palette knife to create the illusion of depth, which he achieves to a tee in Kindest Pal. A grizzly bear’s soft yet piercing eyes look ahead inquisitively in this painting. Michael captures the animal’s fuzzy snow-tipped fur with like-like precision and artistic flair. Every paint flick and smear is brought to life using delicate brushwork and fluid agility. Viewers will be drawn to the warmth, energy, and textural depth of Kindest Pal. The artist reveals to audiences a different part of his craft that is equally astounding and impressive.

Kindest Pal will prove a worthy companion in a den, tea room, waiting area, reading nook, or grand homestay.