Heart of the Pack


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There’s more to art than what we visually derive from a piece. When we delve deeper, emotional value, storytelling, and a unique perspective are some beautiful aspects that surface. Explore the intriguing nature of art in all its forms at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Fans of the Michael Rozenvain art collection will be delighted by the artist’s new painting style. The artist is known for stripping down his paintings to capture a monochrome adaptation of his favorite subject matter: animals in the wild. If you’re new to Rozenvain’s work, prepare to be blown away by his sheer talent and eye for detail.

Wolves are known to be aggressive and impulsive creatures. But, to the artist, there’s more to these creatures than meets the eye. In Heart of the Park, a fearless wolf fills the canvas with its quiet power and energy. Rozenvain uses a fine brush to deposit white paint streaks on the metal surface. Thick, luscious fur frames the sharp features of the wolf, and its striking gaze seems resigned as if waiting for the artist to finish his depiction of it.

Controlled and meticulous brushwork creates a true-to-life representation of the wolf. It is not one to back down or shirk a challenge as it leads a pack. But its solemn gaze reveals the heart beneath the grit. Heart of the Park shows us that with great power comes great responsibility.