Forest Giant


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Michael Rozenvain art is part of the incredible exhibits at the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe. The celebrated artist experiments with a bold and inventive painting style that captures wild animals in their natural habitat. Rozenvain is known for his highly textured, dramatic brushwork using vivid oil paints. Cityscapes are his go-to subject matter, but he recently discovered a different way of depicting nature. Metal canvases serve as an inventive base for his paintings, adding luminescence and life to his work and elevating the wild animals he paints.

In Forest Giant, a moose stares back with friendly eyes framed by thick, long fur. The artist captures the animal’s distinct antlers covered with velveteen fuzz, a smooth coating that sheds just before winter. The moose’s long snout and hairy dewlap complete its whimsical yet strong features, his calm demeanor making it appear right at home in the painting. Clean, meticulous brushwork, monochrome paint, and expert shading add depth, texture, and form to the subject.

Forest Giant will look beautiful alongside other original works by the artist and will introduce comfort and beauty to any room.