The Seahorse Collector


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“The collectors are creatures that find things of extraordinary interest and beauty. But what is so special about a strawberry, an egg, or a frog, you might ask? The collectors show a way for us to stop the grinding thoughts of our mind and simply be with a timeless flower, seahorse, or hummingbird. Every person has at least one object that will stop time for them. What is yours?” – Michael Parkes

If there’s one place in California that art lovers should visit, it is the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe. This reputable space is home to an incredible array of artwork, including Michael Parkes art.

Parkes has released yet another collector-inspired litho print that will effortlessly go with one’s growing collection of this series. In The Seahorse Collector, the artist reveals the quirky character closely observing the aquatic creature. Other types of marine life are tethered to the collector, but the seahorse is of particular interest to him.

The artist conjures a motley of strange yet delightful characters with a deep fascination and love for beautiful objects and creatures as part of the Collector series. He relies on a mix of deep and soft hues that impart a breathtaking patchwork of solid and translucent finishes. The Seahorse Collector is the perfect example of how the stone lithography process produces brilliant results.