The Golden Salamander


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“All creatures great and small share the magic of consciousness. Each one has a guardian that has created them.” – Michael Parkes

Lake Tahoe is a traveler’s paradise and a memorable getaway for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and art aficionados. The brick-and-mortar Marcus Ashley Gallery is a one-stop destination for surrealism and abstract collections. Newcomers and returning guests are welcome to view and buy the gallery’s grand exhibits, including Michael Parkes art, unique memorabilia, and informative art books.

In the artist’s world, creatures both big and small deserve to be bestowed with consciousness. They possess their own thoughts and feelings, making them equal with other beings. Parkes captures this beautifully in The Golden Salamander.

Once destined to live an ordinary life, the amphibian is now blessed with consciousness by the celestial being. She watches over the meek salamander as it takes its first steps with purpose and meaning.

Parkes emphasizes his subjects with technical precision, introducing intense tones to this extraordinary drawing. Successive layers of ink in porcelain, ivory, gold, and midnight blue permeate The Golden Salamander, creating a surreal finish.