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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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This will come to you either unframed and tubed with complimentary Continental U.S. shipping – use code ARTFREESHIP – or you can add a custom frame with us.

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is the perfect location for novice and budding collectors to expand an existing collection. Visitors are naturally drawn to the marvelous exhibits on display, including Michael Parkes art. The artist’s work rips the fabric between reality and fantasy, exposing a world where fantastical creatures and beings coexist.

The Hindu goddess Savitri was portrayed in the Mahabharata (one of two Sanskrit epics) as a symbol of dedication, faithfulness, and love. According to the epic poem, she used these powerful attributes to prevent Yama (God of the dead) from taking her husband, Satyavan, when she discovers that he is destined to die. In Savitri, Parkes captures a bittersweet embrace between the two mythological characters as they refuse to let go.

Subdued hues of caramel, gold, and ivory elevate every line, contour, and detail of the litho print. The artist exercises his ability to turn mythical characters into powerful figures that viewers can deeply relate to.

Savitri holds pure energy and realness that the stone lithography process amplifies beautifully. This litho print is a lovely reminder of the enduring power of love between two people. Mount Savitri on its own or along with other litho prints by Parkes to anchor a room’s existing aesthetic.