Broken Promises


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“The gods made a promise to humans and life on Earth. Protect the sacred balance of Life and there will always be Peace and Harmony. But humans lost control through greed and indifference. Chaos ensued. This stone lithograph was done in 1985 when I was obsessed by cosmic symbols and themes.” – Michael Parkes

The Marcus Ashley Gallery proudly curates Michael Parkes art, which has graced the walls of several homes and establishments around the world. The artist relies on traditional art techniques that make his work stand out. His litho prints, in particular, are extraordinary works of art that he creates through stone lithography.

Parkes shares a time in the 1980s when symbolic themes with enigmatic narratives heavily influenced his work. In Broken Promises, the artist reveals a congregation of gods that are perturbed by man’s destructive nature. The celestial beings struggle to keep things together despite the chaos that ensues. This figurative litho print perfectly demonstrates the artist’s wild yet fascinating imagination.

Warm hues of emerald green, ivory, teal, and caramel diffuse Broken Promises, giving it a classic Renaissance painting effect. It is a fantastic print to add to one’s growing collection of surrealism art.