Almost Fallen Angels – I and II


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Budding and experienced collectors are welcome to peruse the exhibits, memorabilia, and art books at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Through this massive brick-and-mortar space, visitors get to explore Michael Parkes art. The artist relies on tantric and cabalistic themes that imbue his paintings with mystery and wonder. His paintings, litho art, and sculptures have been sourced by upscale libraries, lofts, boutiques, and hotels around the country and world.

Parkes discovered that sketching on vellum before rendering the final drawing on a medium, allowed him to capture the right proportion, depth, and anatomy of his subjects. In Almost Fallen Angels I and II, the artist produces two prints of an angel and a swan. Notice how Parkes leaves behind faint sketch lines that reveal the transition of the subjects.

He paints two angels on the verge of being banished from the heavens. The narrative demonstrates a somber mood between the angels as the swans attempt to offer solace. Parkes injects rich inks into this print with tones such as pearly white, velvety black, deep red, and dusty gold. The result is a breathtaking composition of value and form.

Almost Fallen Angels I and II is a perfect example of the artist’s enigmatic yet impressive imagination and pristine craftsmanship.