Rose Angel


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Lake Tahoe has inspired several artists with its surreal beauty and dreamy landscapes. You’ll find plenty of art that captures the essence of Lake Tahoe at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. This Californian showroom is also home to Michael Parkes art, a wonderful collection of transcendental sculptures, paintings, and lithographs that exude quiet power and grandeur.

In Rose Angel, a lovely maiden seems to be floating through a garden with a rose in her hand, her tranquil demeanor perfectly captured through exquisite craftsmanship. Delicate curves, rich textures, and smooth lines make this sculpture a delightful addition to any space.

A virtuoso of the Lost Wax technique, Parkes adds a modern spin to the process by creating sculptures with great depth and detail. Fans of Parkes will be particularly amazed at how he recreates his iconic imaginary characters from sketch to sculpture.

A lovely selection of patinas in red, green, and the traditional Florentine gives Rose Angel a superior finish. Place this incredible sculpture alongside other pieces by the artist to create a complete collection of his finest work.