“REX” Libris Dragon


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“Sometimes things just happen in a strange way. Firstly, many people asked if the little dragon from ‘Ex Libris’ could be cast separately as a small sculpture. He became Rex Libris.” – Michael Parkes

No holiday to Lake Tahoe is complete without visiting the renowned Marcus Ashley Gallery. Spread across 4400 sq. feet, the gallery is an impressive brick-and-mortar establishment that also showcases the impressive Michael Parkes art. The sculptor is a master of magic realism, and his paintings, lithographs, and sculptures are a testament to his unique craftsmanship.

Rex Libris is the name that Parkes has bestowed on his fan-favorite dragon that first appeared in the painting Ex Libris. For “REX” Libris Dragon, he animates the stubby yet powerful features of the dragon through precise carvings. The mythical creature sits atop a plinth with his snout buried between the pages of a book. Parkes reveals how the dragon, like any higher being, possesses a consciousness of its own.

“REX” Libris Dragon comes in three dreamy patinas of red, green, and traditional Florentine. These semi-matte, glossy patinas give the sculpture a classic Renaissance finish. Add distinct energy and charm to any space by placing “REX” Libris Dragon on a bare surface.