The Sculptor


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“In the process of refining my technique of using transparent colors in stone lithographs, I believe I have produced something quite new in these vellum drawings.” – Michael Parkes

The Marcus Ashley Gallery supports and celebrates the work of emerging and well-established artists with equal passion. At the gallery, you’ll find the exquisite Michael Parkes art displayed in all its glory. The magic realism artist, sculptor, and stone lithographer is praised and revered for his imaginative works.

Parkes’s vellum editions, in particular, are a raw yet striking representation of the developmental process of his original drawings. Vellum is an idyllic medium and supports a dramatic display of diffused hues and distinct sketching.

In this original vellum drawing titled The Sculptor, the artist depicts a beautiful angel posing as a live subject. The meticulous sculptor, deeply engrossed in his work, aims to capture her figure and delicate features perfectly. As the sculpture materializes part by part on the pedestal, a guard sits nearby observing the process.

Parkes relies on gentle, ghost-like colors that produce a buttery effect throughout the drawing. The Sculptor is created on translucent vellum that allows light to illuminate its details perfectly. This original masterpiece will invite scintillating conversation in the company of friends and family.