Lion’s Return -Sketch


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“My painting ‘The Last Lion’ spoke of the end of lions on earth with his devastated deva waiting at his side until the end. But here in the ‘Lion’s Return’ works, there is hope. The Lion will return. He will not go so easily and will fight for existence. Maybe he feels how mankind is slowly starting to realize how we must fight for our animal brothers.


And in a way, I guess we are the animals’ keepers, capable of deciding which species lives and which ones die. And so he roars, confirming his strength and determination to return and continue life on earth.” – Michael Parkes


The Marcus Ashley Gallery is the perfect place in Lake Tahoe to view and buy Michael Parkes art. The magic realism painter pushes the boundaries of reality and fantasy to reveal a new world of wonders. Through Parkes’s work, you’ll come across winged creatures, gentle giants, and whimsical characters that will leave you awestruck and delighted.

As part of the developmental process of creating his famous Lion’s Return pieces, the artist reveals the sketch that started it all. Crisp lines and provocative contours breathe life into the nascent details of the celestial being. As Parkes recreates her graceful features and striking energy, one cannot help but feel a deep reverence for the artist. When you compare the outcomes of Lion’s Return with this sketch, Parkes’s passion and artistic precision are evident.