Angel Affair





Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

Shipping and Framing

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Introducing “Angel Affair” by Michael Parkes, a captivating art piece that transcends the boundaries between the earthly and the ethereal. This enchanting composition captures a moment of profound intimacy and passion between a man and an angel.

At the center of the artwork, a distinguished man adorned in an impeccably tailored suit hovers effortlessly above the ground. His feet are barely touching the earthly realm, indicating a connection to a higher plane. The man’s presence exudes elegance and sophistication, emphasizing his worldly nature.

Embracing the man with an embrace that defies gravity, a resplendent angel with radiant white wings envelops him in her ethereal embrace. Their bodies intertwine with a graceful fluidity, and their faces draw close, locked in a passionate kiss. The tender exchange of their love transcends the physical realm, symbolizing a profound connection that surpasses earthly boundaries.

“Angel Affair” is a mesmerizing art piece that explores the themes of love, spirituality, and the interplay between the mortal and the divine. It invites viewers to contemplate the boundless power of love and the existence of unseen connections that transcend our understanding of the world. This exquisite artwork serves as a visual testament to the profound beauty and transformative nature of love, reminding us of the limitless possibilities that lie beyond the confines of our earthly existence.