After the Storm





Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Introducing “After the Storm” by Michael Parkes, a captivating art piece that transports viewers into a realm of mystical beauty and symbolic storytelling. This extraordinary artwork portrays a woman standing gracefully against a backdrop of a dramatic and brooding grey cloudy sky, evoking a sense of lingering tempestuousness.

The focal point of the painting is the enchanting woman who captures our attention with her striking presence. Her vibrant curly red hair cascades around her delicate features, imbuing her with an aura of fiery passion and strength. Standing tall and confident, she exudes an air of serenity despite the stormy atmosphere surrounding her.

Adding an ethereal touch to the composition, a swan head emerges from the bottom of the painting, its elegant neck curving towards the woman. The swan, known for its grace and beauty, becomes a symbol of purity and transformation, suggesting a sense of connection between the woman and the natural world. The swan’s presence introduces an element of intrigue, inviting viewers to ponder the deeper meanings hidden within the artwork.

Enhancing the woman’s ethereal nature, she possesses small wings, subtly hinting at her otherworldly origins. These delicate wings, although small, symbolize her ability to transcend earthly constraints, offering a glimpse into her magical essence. They serve as a reminder of the boundless potential and freedom that lies within us all.

Completing her regal appearance, the woman wears a majestic gold crown adorned with exquisite white feathers. The crown represents her status as a queen, not in the traditional sense, but as a ruler of her own destiny. The white feathers symbolize purity and spirituality, accentuating the woman’s divine qualities.

“After the Storm” by Michael Parkes is a visual masterpiece that combines elements of fantasy, symbolism, and grace. It invites viewers to contemplate the resilience of the human spirit, the power of transformation, and the beauty that can emerge from even the most turbulent times. This captivating artwork is sure to captivate art enthusiasts and ignite their imagination, while leaving a lasting impression of hope, strength, and enchantment.