Lion’s Return


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Dimensions 16.5 × 9 × 10.5 in


16.5" x 9" x 10.5"

“My painting ‘The Last Lion’ spoke of the end of lions on earth with his devastated deva waiting at his side until the end. But here in the ‘Lion’s Return’ works, there is hope. The Lion will return. He will not go so easily and will fight for existence. Maybe he feels how mankind is slowly starting to realize how we must fight for our animal brothers.

And in a way, I guess we are the animals’ keepers, capable of deciding which species lives and which ones die. And so he roars, confirming his strength and determination to return and continue life on earth.” – Michael Parkes

Contemporary interiors merge with a charming rustic aesthetic under the colossal roof of the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The museum-like establishment is revered in the art community for showcasing some of the world’s best collections, including Michael Parkes art.

In Lion’s Return, Parkes shares a fascinating narrative of the lion’s tenacity to outdo the destructive nature of man. The feline takes a powerful stance, releasing a mighty roar that reverberates through the land. His winged celestial companion proudly stands by him as he reclaims his rightful place.

Lion’s Return exudes a palpable vibe that beautifully underscores the sculptor’s flawless execution while revealing the unmistakable beauty of Parkes’s subjects, whether animals or celestial beings.