Laughing Dragon


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Dragon Collection Drawings





Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you either unframed and tubed with complimentary Continental U.S. shipping – use code ARTFREESHIP – or you can add a custom frame with us.

The Marcus Ashley Gallery extends an array of luxury services, including hosting private home shows within a 60-mile radius. Enjoy viewing Michael Parkes art in the comfort of a private space with friends or acquaintances. Interested buyers can also explore the artist’s oeuvre online or in person at the gallery in Lake Tahoe.

In Laughing Dragon, Parkes sketches his beloved dragon character letting out a hearty laugh. What tickles the dragon is a mystery, but his aura of positive energy and happiness is infectious. The artist draws the dragon’s classic stubby features in shades of grey that highlight his tiny but strong form.

Parkes has painted and sketched the dragon in a series of his works to the delight of fans. This imaginative subject first appears in Ex Libris, a painting that left avid collectors wanting more. As a heartfelt way to connect with his viewers, the artist allows us to step into the dragon’s happy place as he dons several avatars.

Laughing Dragon is part of Parkes’s Dragon Collection drawings that focus on a fan-favorite character.