Dragon Heart


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Dragon Collection Drawings





Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you either unframed and tubed with complimentary Continental U.S. shipping – use code ARTFREESHIP – or you can add a custom frame with us.

There are plenty of sensational exhibits to explore at the prestigious Marcus Ashley Gallery. Michael Parkes art, in particular, will immediately draw you into a world of mythical beasts, divine creatures, and celestial beings. The artist’s technical finesse and fascinating subject matter make him a master of magic realism art.

Dragon Heart is one of many drawings that the artist has sketched of the playful, mythological creature. As a way of sharing all the love he holds within himself, the dragon offers up his heart. The artist draws the young dragon with a gleeful, innocent expression. Everything about this heartwarming drawing radiates love.

It’s like this drawing is Parkes’s way of offering love in return for the admiration that his fans have shown him. He relies on muted greys and light-handed shading to give the dragon’s form subtle dimensionality. It’s the perfect drawing to add to one’s growing collection of surrealism art by Parkes.

Dragon Heart is part of Parkes’s Dragon Collection drawings that focus on a fan-favorite character.