Butterfly Moon


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. She is the embodiment of feminine strength, beauty, athletic grace, and courage. Her legend is older than Ancient Greece and the Vedic scriptures. But what does she hunt? She is the energy of the stars, shooting her arrows through the heavens. She hunts the Darkness of the Night.” – Michael Parkes

Several tourists and out-of-towners flock to the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe, a great place for novice collectors and art connoisseurs who wish to expand their collections. You’ll find that the art consultants are happy to answer queries on the gallery’s exhibits, including Michael Parkes art.

Goddess Diana has often been held in awe for her hunting skills, but it is her identity with the moon that is most significant. In Latin, her name means goddess of daylight or light of the moon. Legend has it that Diana symbolized the moon since the celestial satellite had much to do with a successful hunt. The ancient people further believed that the moon’s phases determined Diana’s transitional identity from light to darkness and then life to death.

In Butterfly Moon, Parkes reimagines the goddess against a brilliant cerulean sky dotted with fluffy clouds. She tethers the moon to her wrist as if drawing energy and light from the moon. Her porcelain skin shines just as brilliantly as the crescent before her. The air is filled with butterflies, perhaps a symbolic representation of the cycle of life and death that closely represents Diana’s identity.

This pretty fine art print will add oodles of charm to a quaint or upscale room.