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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Art enthusiasts make several trips to the Marcus Ashley Gallery to expand their private collections. Visitors find that the gallery is a one-stop destination to view and buy art in all its brilliant forms. One collection that always has viewers spellbound is the Michael Parkes art.

As part of his collector series, the artist reveals yet another captivating subject in this painting titled Wine Collector. Parkes paints a fantastical dwarfed character with a deep fascination for beautiful things.

The collector has his face buried in a bunch of perfectly ripe grapes. You can tell from the collector’s expression that wine is more than just an indulgence. Parkes reveals a symbolic representation of how certain items in our life hold immeasurable value. The hold that these intimate things have on us cannot be easily explained in words.

Distinctive earthy tones diffuse this painting with a vintage look and feel that is reminiscent of folklore art. Whether Wine Collector is mounted on its own or paired with other illustrations from this intriguing collection, it will be perfect for a room with a minimalist or maximalist aesthetic.