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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“Take the symbolism for what it is. It is not important to understand or even agree with the symbols I use. What I do want is to offer my art to people to enjoy and enhance their lives with the beauty of color and light.” – Michael Parkes

The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery equally celebrate the work of local and international artists. Visitors get to view and buy an eclectic mix of art under one roof. As part of its marvelous display of collections, the gallery also curates Michael Parkes art.

In Venus, the artist shares the goddess’s metamorphic journey from divine consciousness to physical form. Her arrival is a gift to humanity. The artist paints a gold serpent from Venus’s shoulder, a positive representation of evolving energy. The mask she holds depicts her feminine energy, Gaia. It also represents feelings of misery, confusion, and sorrow.

Venus descends into tumultuous waters, which represent humanity. Parkes shares how Plato saw Venus not as a symbol of sensuality but as a powerful catalyst to divine order. Unlike man’s dependence on war artillery, she will use the tools of beauty and harmony to bring about peace.

The artist paints a celestial winged figure (a recurring subject in his paintings) that symbolizes the arrival of a major cosmic event. Parkes captures the transfiguration of Venus and her journey to earth in dreamy tones of cerulean blue, emerald green, gold, fiery red, and ivory. Venus is a masterpiece that deserves its own wall space in an upscale residential or commercial space.