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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Price shown includes frame in photo, custom framing available for additional charge.

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The image appears to be a fine art print by Michael Parkes titled “Falling.” This artwork is a giclée on paper, a method known for its high-quality reproduction of original works. The piece depicts two figures, seemingly suspended in an intimate moment, their forms entwined in a graceful, floating embrace. The style is distinctly characteristic of Parkes, with a dreamlike quality that blends elements of fantasy with a classical sensibility.

The figures are rendered with delicate lines and soft shading that give a sense of three-dimensionality and movement. The transparency and flow of the fabric around the figures add to the ethereal atmosphere, suggesting a moment caught outside of time. The background is minimal, putting full emphasis on the figures and their emotional connection. The overall tone is one of romanticism and otherworldly elegance, which is typical of Parkes’ work, often featuring elements of magical realism.

For a product description, you might include details about the quality of the paper, the size of the print, and any additional features such as signed or numbered editions, as these are common points of interest for collectors and admirers of Parkes’ art.