Gift for the Disillusioned Man


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

The work of Michael Parkes has been compared to the surrealism art of Dali and Magritte. Unlike his past influences, Parkes brings a refreshing, relatable perspective through his paintings, lithographs, and sculptures. It’s why his work is highly sought after by eminent figures and collectors. The Marcus Ashley Gallery proudly displays Michael Parkes art in its mammoth interiors.

For the bas relief titled A Gift for the Disillusioned Man, Parkes portrays an angel attempting to comfort a man coming to terms with difficult truths. She holds a flower behind her slender back as she gently coaxes him to accept her gift.

The guardian angel represents hope, and she offers this as a gift to the man who finds himself without any. A Gift for the Disillusioned Man captures a melancholic mood yet aptly portrays our inability to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Parkes molds his subjects with beautiful details that let viewers fully understand every nuance of his work. He creates this moving bas relief in two classic finishes—gold and silver. A Gift for the Disillusioned Man will create an interesting aesthetic in a grand room and make a great conversation starter.