Embraceable You Dragon


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Dimensions 12 × 9.5 × 6 in


12" x 9.5" x 6"

“Sometimes things just happen in a strange way. Firstly, many people asked if the little dragon from ‘Ex Libris’ could be cast separately as a small sculpture. He became Rex Libris.” – Michael Parkes

After a day of exploring Lake Tahoe’s iconic attractions, travelers can experience the thrill of perusing Michael Parkes art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The sculptor challenges himself through an incredible series of artistic processes without straying from his individuality. Parkes’s sculptures, in particular, transform his imaginative subjects into real-life characters that never fail to impress collectors and art lovers.

The sculptor brings his beloved dragon to life through a riveting 3D perspective across a line of jaw-dropping sculptures. In Embraceable You Dragon, Parkes molds two versions of his endearing dragons in a sweet embrace. Instead of wings on its back, the second dragon has wings on the sides of its head.

The dragons are perhaps symbolic of Parkes’s love for his fans, who find his fantastical subjects enchanting. Embraceable You Dragon is carefully sculpted to bring every undulating curve and textural detail to life.

The sculptor revives and refines rarely practiced artistic processes that underscore his superior versatility. Embraceable You Dragon makes a brilliant accent that avid collectors can place by a pretty window, favorite reading nook, or cozy couch.