Dragonfly Deva


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Dimensions 36 × 17 × 10 in


36" x 17" x 10"

Lake Tahoe has often been compared to a Utopian paradise. Its breathtaking mountain vistas, untouched vegetation, and pristine shores serve as the perfect backdrop to the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Enjoy strolling through the gallery’s airy walkways that exhibit some of the world’s best collections. Fans of realism and surrealism art will be amazed by the Michael Parkes art on display.

An echo of his canvas print with the same title, Dragonfly Deva is a sculptural reproduction of the fantastical masterpiece. Parkes’s time in India revealed a wealth of imagery representing the country’s pantheon of Hindu deities. He sculpts the deity in her element as she calmly observes the dragonfly perched on her finger.

Parkes creates his bronze sculptures in collaboration with Perio Bertelli in Florence, Italy. A well-known sculptor himself, Bertelli plays a pivotal role in the sculptures’ process. Parkes relies on the Lost Wax technique that captures the minutest details of a form. Dragonfly Deva is fitted with a custom patina that translates the painting’s vivid palette.