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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Unlike traditional showrooms, the Marcus Ashley Gallery maintains a close connection with its clients and customers. This thoughtful approach makes the gallery a top choice among artists, sculptors, and passionate collectors. Several buyers come by the gallery to explore Michael Parkes art, which is beautifully displayed across airy, well-lit walkways.

The sculptor invites viewers to soak up and revel in the whimsical yet intriguing narrative of Unwinding. In this bas relief, a man in a business suit expresses unabashed joy when an angel helps him unwind, quite literally. As humans, we tend to take life a little too seriously, oftentimes forgetting to slow down and let loose.

Parkes relies on his vivid imagination to create an amusing depiction of breaking free from everyday life. Unwinding carries the sculptor’s quintessential technical artistry, as seen in its precise detailing and mesmerizing tactile surface. Viewers will be fascinated by how every dip, curve, and line lets them connect with this absolute masterpiece.

Unwinding is available in a gold and silver finish that equally carries Parkes’s distinct craftsmanship. Place this absorbing bas relief in a grand library, boutique, or living space as a lovely reminder to take it easy.