The Rose


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is highly reputed for curating some of the finest collections, including Michael Parkes art. As an artist, sculptor, and lithographer, the master of magic realism possesses a wealth of unique talents. Art connoisseurs can take advantage of the gallery’s luxury services that include but aren’t limited to custom framing, worldwide shipping, and hosting private art shows.

In The Rose, Parkes carves a lovely maiden who seems to be floating through a garden with a rose in hand. As she balances on the plinth, her tranquil demeanor is perfectly captured through the sculptor’s pristine craftsmanship. Delicate curves, rich textures, and smooth lines make The Rose a delightful addition to any space.

Parkes’s deep understanding of human anatomy can be seen in his lithographs and paintings. In sculptures such as The Rose, it’s as if his subjects awaken from their 2D realms and assume life-like versions of themselves. One thing’s for certain—Parkes never fails to leave viewers impressed by the authenticity of his work.

A lovely selection of custom-colored and traditional Florentine patinas gives The Rose a superior glossy finish. Place this incredible sculpture alongside other pieces by the artist to create a complete collection of his finest work.