The Muse


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“The artist sits at his easel looking out at the sea, lost in thought. She enters his room and gently touches his shoulder. For a moment he is overwhelmed by the immensity of a vision. Her gift leaves him transfixed.” – Michael Parkes

While walking past and observing the fine exhibits on display, Michael Parkes art will leave you transfixed and lost for words. You’ll find that the sculptor constructs a true-to-life realm filled with imaginative beings and creatures that share a singular consciousness.

Fans may have often wondered what it is that inspires and drives Parkes to create such magnificent art. In The Muse, he imagines his source of inspiration as a majestic angel. She often swoops down from the heavens to bestow him with visions of her world. It is her way of helping him translate her thoughts into visual imagery that others can discover through his work.

Parkes shares that her gift is far too great for a mere mortal to comprehend and accept in its entirety. The little that the artist does recall is depicted through his art. The Muse is a Parkes masterpiece that will inspire anyone who sees her that the best is yet to come.