The Letter


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“It was originally titled ‘The Angel of Corinthia’. I had envisioned an angel reading St. Paul’s famous text on love to the Corinthians. The angel is reading it for the first time and is deeply touched.” – Michael Parkes

Nestled amidst the beauty of Lake Tahoe, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is a must-visit establishment for art enthusiasts. It’s fantastic to see how visitors end up spending hours on end at the gallery. While you’re here, do explore the Michael Parkes artthat beautifully depicts the sculptor’s fascination with mythological subjects often stemming from cabalistic and tantric influences, among others.

Parkes marries faultless sculpting with a touching representation of St. Paul’s eponymous letter of love to the Corinthians. When the saint visited Corinth in Greece, he set up a Christian community. Paul later learned that there was dissension between the members of the early church, and The First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians spoke of the love between man and Christ in an attempt to unify the people of Corinth.

The Letter is Parkes’s way of capturing the emotion of an angel as she reads Paul’s letter of love. From the delicate folds of her gown to the intricate details of her wings, the sculptor carves this sculpture with just as much love.