The Last Lion


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“After millions of years the king of beasts exists, but only a few remain. It is said that each animal species has a protective guardian. Here she is, the deva of lions, the one who has for so long nurtured them as they grew into their stature of grandeur.

What do those angel-protectors do when the last of their species is gone? What must she feel? Simply put, this is my commentary on what we as humans are doing to our earth and its inhabitants.” – Michael Parkes

Besides its awe-inspiring exhibits of past and present artists, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to Michael Parkes art. Enjoy perusing the sculptor’s work and be transposed to dream worlds that seamlessly merge with reality.

Parkes shares how his fans fell in love with the painting The Last Lion and how it inspired him to create a powerful sculpture of the piece. The Last Lion taps into a real-world scenario through a fantastical representation of man versus beast. Humans continue to wreak havoc on the planet, jeopardizing the existence of certain species. The sculptor demonstrates the pain a protective guardian feels when the last of her species is close to extinction.

Parkes reveals the broken spirit of the lion, looking perhaps for the last time at a place that was once home. In his final moments, the lion finds solace in the company of the angel-protector.