The Guardian


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“She is the guardian of our Earth. There are such guardians for each of the worlds that carry Life. Some call her Mother Nature; some call her Gaia.” – Michael Parkes

Not only is Michael Parkes a brilliant artist and lithographer, but he is also a talented sculptor. He leans on a range of central themes from mythology and philosophy to symbolism and religion. The Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe is where visitors can peruse the Michael Parkes art on display and take home a piece by this fantastic virtuoso.

Parkes believes that all planets with life have a guardian watching over them. Gaia is regarded as the cosmic embodiment of nature and reigns over the Earth. The Greek deity and goddess is regarded for her strength, power, and compassion. Legend has it that she was born of chaos. When chaos receded, she came into existence to bring about order and peace.

Parkes demonstrates the grace, beauty, and feminine energy of The Guardian through sweeping curves and intricate details. Notice how her wings wrap around and settle on her hip, capturing Gaia’s movement even as she stands still.

The Guardian is a perfect example of the sculptor’s unwavering ability to represent the best side of his subject matter.