Summer Storm


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“I wanted to create the sense of a hot summer day with a storm about to break. As children, a summer storm meant dancing in the rain and a break in the long August heat.” – Michael Parkes

If dreamscape, magic realism, and surrealism themes excite you, look no further than Michael Parkes art. Parkes is a highly acclaimed artist and sculptor who has garnered several prestigious awards for his extraordinary work. Over the years, his art has even served as an inspiration for the entertainment industry. In 2014, Milliner Justin Smith said that Parkes’s lithographs played a pivotal role in creating Angelina Jolie’s headpiece for Maleficent.

The Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe is where you can browse through and acquire the sculptor’s magnificent work. His artwork is perfect for collectors who want to enhance the aesthetic of residential or commercial spaces.

In Summer Storm, an angel takes refuge under her wings, contemplating whether to stay put or do something adventurous for a change. The sculptor captures her feelings of uncertainty as she observes the storm clouds looming overhead.

The sculptor relies on masterful molding techniques and purposeful carving to bring his angel to life in Summer Storm.