Startled Sky Nymph


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“When walking alone in the garden in the early morning, when nature is very much alive, I have seen in the corner of my eye a movement of light and color. As I move my head to see what it is, there is a fleeting moment where I catch a transparent shape full of light. And then it is gone.

It has happened enough times that I have tried to put together on paper a composite of what I have seen. It happens particularly in spring and summer. It is just a lovely feminine presence.” – Michael Parkes

The Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe curates a formidable collection of Michael Parkes art. This grand establishment is where you’ll find an elite team of professionals who live and breathe art. Visitors can speak to the staff about the works of upcoming and renowned artists and sculptors. Collectors will find that the gallery is the perfect place to explore, buy, and talk about art.

Startled Sky Nymph is Parkes efforts to bring to life an ethereal presence that he has glimpsed numerous times during his solitary early morning walks in his garden. According to Greek mythology, this deity is a female spirit that appears in and around meadows, mountains, or rivers.

The artist’s attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship make the sculpture seem real. As she steps out of the artist’s imagination into the real world, it appears that the Startled Sky Nymph has had enough of its inhabitants and is ready to take flight.