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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

The Marcus Ashley Gallery, with its varied art, memorabilia, and books on art, is a frequent haunt of art lovers. The gallery’s cordial staff is always ready to help interested buyers select and acquire pieces of interest from the many collections on display, including Michael Parkes art.

Parkes possesses an abundance of knowledge on philosophy, mythology, and symbolism. His trips to India and Bhutan allowed him to delve deeper into esoteric themes on traditions and cultures.

The sculptor’s love for every life on the planet is clear through his representations of creatures, both big and small. In Seahorse, Parkes gives us an up-close view of the delicate beauty of this tiny fish. As your eyes go over the details, you’ll feel a growing appreciation for the sculptor’s fantastic craftsmanship. This sculpture is a testament to extraordinary craftsmanship, from the gentle bumps of the seahorse’s trunk rings and bony plates to its erect dorsal fin and coiled tail.

Seahorse will make the perfect gift for ocean lovers and beach babies who enjoy curating decor inspired by marine life.