Morning Light


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“Morning light is my tribute to the elegance and beauty of the great city of Vienna at the turn of the 20th century. It was the birthplace of the secessionist movement led by Gustav Klimt, whom I greatly admire. From this art movement and Klimt’s influence, art deco was conceived.” – Michael Parkes

The Marcus Ashley Gallery recognizes the work of talented local, national, and international artists. It’s what makes the gallery a preferred location in Lake Tahoe to view and buy art. The patrons curate an eclectic array of sculptures, figurines, paintings, and limited-edition pieces. Michael Parkes art is part of their growing collection of fine exhibits.

Parkes shares how Morning Light is inspired by the Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. The painter’s erotic Byzantine-inspired art nouveau collections embrace the beauty and energy of the female form.

Parkes’s admiration for Klimt can be seen and felt in Morning Light. In this sculpture, Parkes molds an arresting sculpture of a maiden perched on a high peak with a look of sheer contentment on her face. The sculptor captures her ethereal beauty through meticulous carving and a steady hand. Parkes highlights her lovely, natural Viennese features as she takes her place above the world.