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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Michael Parkes infuses an undercurrent of magic through his imaginative work that never fails to mesmerize viewers. The Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to curate Michael Parkes art in Lake Tahoe. His paintings, lithographs, and sculptures are accessible to collectors online and can be explored in person at the gallery.

The black panther is both revered and feared, given that many regard it as a symbol of death, darkness, and rebirth. In Meditation, Parkes sculpts an angel resting her forehead against the chest of a majestic cougar. Its powerful stance and strong features are animated through careful molding and precise carving.

The angel appears to be drawing on the panther’s reserves of strength and peace, and the energy and companionship the pair exude signify that they have a close bond. It seems as if the feline has always served as her protector and confidante.

Parkes relies on the Lost Wax casting technique, a time-consuming process of turning clay molds into hollow ceramic sculptures. These are then filled with bronze and finished in a striking or traditional patina to create the impressive pieces that make up the sculptor’s oeuvre.

Meditation is a sculpture from which one can derive strength and peace, thanks to its powerful, undeniable energy. Place it on a desk, side table, shelf, or pedestal to admire it from anywhere in a room.