Magic Spring


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21" x 13" x 25", 15.5" x 10.5" x 17"

“She sits in quiet meditation as the first light of a spring day touches her face.” – Michael Parkes

Nothing is more delightful than perusing the collections, including Michael Parkes art, on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Lay your eyes on some of the finest works by Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Mario Jung, and Todd White, among others. The staff is happy to answer queries on the art to help you curate the perfect pieces for any space.

In his sculpture Magic Spring, Parkes demonstrates the ethereal beauty of an angel as she enjoys the first light of spring. Her cerulean blue wings rest gently against her ivory back as she raises her face in utter bliss towards the warm sunshine. The artist deftly molds a delicate wreath of leaves on her head, drawing attention to her thick locks.

Parkes deftly captures the angel’s vulnerability and innocence through gentle contours and soft lines. As she enjoys the first signs of spring, the blend of patinas brings her tiny frame to life.

Parkes is well-known for his angel-centric works that allow us to appreciate the beauty of these celestial beings through his eyes. Enjoy the peace and beauty that Magic Spring injects into any grand room by placing this sculpture in a well-lit spot.