Last Peony


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Michael Parkes’ Last Peony Bronze Sculpture

The Peony in ancient Greece was the symbol for the physician of the gods. Here he stands alone as the last of his kind. The male figure in the Last Peony represents the old world of magic/medicine that came from the line of the ancient Egyptian and Greek gods. The angel brings the feminine energy to balance this power and to help the world that is slowly descending into chaos.” – Michael Parkes

This symbolic artwork is rooted in Greek mythology. Paean, the male figure in this sculpture, was a student of Asclepius, the God of medicine and physician to the Gods. As the myth goes, Paean succeeded in using a white substance from a peony’s roots to cure Pluto, better known as Hades and God of the Underworld. Asclepius, jealous of his pupil’s success, killed him. Zeus, Pluto’s brother, found Paean’s body and transformed him into a pretty peony, the flower that saved Pluto’s life.





Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

The Last Peony depicts an angel embracing Paean, the last of his kind. She uses her feminine energy to maintain balance and peace in a world that is slowly dissolving into ruin. As symbolic artworks go, this is quite special. With this bronze sculpture, Michael Parkes succeeds in capturing a deeply satisfying narrative that holds great meaning in a world where strife and envy still persist.

This limited edition piece comes to you personally signed and numbered by Parkes.

Customize the Patina to Your Taste

The Last Peony lends a sense of calm and harmony to any room it’s situated in. Moreover, you can have it blend in beautifully with your decor with a custom color patina. Choose between that and a traditional Florentine patina — a classic dark brown — for this symbolic artwork.

Discover Quality Artwork

Michael Parkes is widely believed to be the world’s leading magical realism artist. His work is considered to be a sound investment and its beauty speaks for itself. Don’t miss out on a chance to own your own limited edition Last Peony sculpture. At Marcus Ashley Gallery, we issue certificates of replacement value annually, for all the artwork we sell.

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