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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“While visiting a museum as an art student, I turned the corner into a room that had only one sculpture at its center. It was Constantin Brancusi’s ‘The Kiss’. Love can be a very complex and confusing experience, and yet, Brancusi summed up the utter joy and simplicity of it all in his whimsical abstract sculpture. In my interpretation, I wanted to capture something similar… the simplicity of delight caught within the complexity of love.” – Michael Parkes

Surround yourself with an exceptional array of sculptures, figurines, limited-edition pieces, and paintings at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Visitors can revel in the beauty and artistic brilliance of Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Alexander Volkov, Mackenzie Thorpe, and Michael Parkes art, among others. The gallery is an idyllic destination for collectors and interested folks to view and buy exhibits for any space.

Parkes shares that his inspiration behind Kissing was Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși’s sculpture titled The Kiss. In Kissing, the sculptor molds an angel leaning in for a kiss from the bewildered jester. Parkes reveals a raw interpretation of love in its simplest, purest form.

A rich selection of patinas washes over the sculpture, creating a heartwarming display of innocence and love. Kissing will light up any corner of a room with its undeniable charm and beauty.