Dragon Heart


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to the works of over 40 local, national, and international artists. The gallery’s growing repertoire includes contemporary, abstract, surrealism, and hyper-realism artists, sculptors, and lithographers. Art enthusiasts will be lost for words when they come across the gallery’s collection of Michael Parkes art.

The Dragon Heart sculpture is one of several artistic versions of the playful, mythological creature. As a way of sharing all the love he holds within himself, the dragon offers up his heart. Parkes perfectly captures the gleeful, innocent expression of the young dragon. Everything about this heartwarming sculpture radiates love.

This sculpture is Parkes’s way of offering love in return for the admiration that his fans have shown him. He brings the dragon’s dimensionality to life through the Lost Wax casting technique. Although the process is arduous, the results, as one can see, are brilliant.

Intricate details impart a life-like appearance to the dragon’s form and shape. The mythical creature rises from its 2D world to give fans another installment of this series to add to one’s collection.

 Dragon Heart is available in three lovely patinas—red, green, and the traditional Florentine. This grand sculpture will add a joyful vibe to any room.