Black Panther White Wings


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“The dark and dangerous panther sits in the calm atmosphere of the loving angel. ” – Michael Parkes

What better place to spend a lovely afternoon or cozy evening than at the Marcus Ashley Gallery? This brick-and-mortar space honors the work of past and present artists under one colossal roof. Step into the addictive world of Michael Parkes art and explore his sometimes peculiar yet beautiful and relatable work.

The entire lost wax casting process that the sculptor relies on to create his sculptures requires absolute discipline, patience, and technical accuracy. These qualities are synonymous with Parkes’s approach to any medium he works with.

In Black Panther White Wings, the sculptor demonstrates how a powerful, often temperamental animal becomes tame in the presence of an angel. She sits in a playful position, beckoning the panther to come closer. Save for a pair of black stockings, the angel is stark naked. The ribbons intertwined in her fiery red hair create a lovely contrast against her mighty wings.

Parkes creates the panther and angel in striking detail that will make you wonder if they come to life after dark. He gives us a peek into an alternative universe where angels coexist with domesticated beasts. Black Panther White Wings is perfect for collectors who enjoy the extraordinary finesse of magic realism sculptures.