Angel Affair – Bas Relief


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Explore the brilliant collections, including Michael Parkes art, at the premier Marcus Ashley Gallery. The gallery takes visitors on a journey of self-exploration and discovery through the stories of the exhibits. This is the best place to discover the work of local, national, and international artists.

Parkes is a true master of magic realism and fantasy art. His work will make you question if the subjects he creates are fantastical or, in fact, real.

The sculptor shares an incident (the inspiration behind Angel Affair) that unraveled during a snowstorm that left him and his fellow travelers stranded in a Zurich airport. Most of them were businessmen waiting to board a flight.

During the wait, Parkes falls into an uneasy slumber where he dreamt of angels flying down to the businessmen and kissing their despair and loneliness away. When Parkes awakened, he was sure he spotted an angel flying away, leaving behind a single feather that he keeps close to this day.

This bas relief reveals a 3D perspective that lets viewers appreciate this piece’s creative depth and brilliance. Angel Affair is available in a lovely gold and silver finish that will add a regal spin to any room.